IT equipment refurbishmentIT equipment refurbishment not only delivers benefits to your IT department, but to your business as a whole. Take a look at these brilliant ways your business can benefit:

  1. Save money – achieve up to 90% cost savings with refurbished equipment
  2. Make equipment last longer – extend the life of your older kit rather than buying new
  3. Escape OEM upgrade mandates – third-party support and warranties on refurbished equipment mean you don’t have to follow OEM mandates
  4. Consolidate support – bring support for all your equipment, new and refurbished, under one contract, with one invoice and one renewal date
  5. Invest at the right time for you – plan your budgets and capital expenditure to suit your business, not your manufacturer
  6. Choose technologies that will benefit you most – only invest in technologies that can really deliver added benefits to your business
  7. Support newer equipment – redeploy refurbished equipment anywhere in your network to support newer kit.
  8. Scale for less – new orchestration technologies communicate across all devices, old and new meaning scale can be achieved using your legacy kit, without any loss of productivity.
  9. Prepare equipment for resale – refurbished equipment is wiped of any sensitive data and can therefore be sold on to subsidise the cost of any new IT ventures
  10. Improve inventory management – Clear your stock room of old surplus kit, ensuring your full inventory is tracked and utilised or traded in
  11. Upgrade to latest software versions – older kit can be reconfigured with newer software versions to boost performance in your system
  12. Restore to manufacturer standards – remove old configurations restoring the kit back to manufacturer standards ready for resale or redeployment
  13. Erase data securely – securely remove sensitive data so kit can be sold or reused without concern
  14. Extend your warranty – refurbished equipment often comes with a new 1 year warranty so you can be sure your estate is covered
  15. Save on support costs – Third-party support on refurbished kit is considerably cheaper than OEM support on new kit
  16. Maintain equipment value for longer – refurbished equipment retains its value for longer so you can still trade it in later down the line
  17. Increase uptime – refurbished equipment is fully tested meaning it offers greater reliability
  18. Ensure environmental responsibility – using equipment for the full duration of its life is far more environmentally-friendly than disposal and buying new.

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About HardwareLifecycle

HardwareLifecycle (a division of Hardware Group) ensures complete support throughout the full lifecycle of your IT assets, helping you balance your evolving technological requirements with your available resources. ISO security and quality certified, with extensive repair and refurbishment facilities, third-party support, buy-back, decommissioning and disposal services and a team of highly skilled engineers, we are able to address the financial, logistical and environmental challenges of your IT asset lifecycle with ease. For more information, please visit