Capex / Opex Review

Capex / Opex Review

As with all technical equipment, IT assets are subject to value depreciation throughout the course of their lifetime. Understanding the depreciation curve of your equipment is important in order to assess the right time to replace for maximum trade-in value.

Retaining assets for too long can be costly, even in the face of outstanding finance. HardwareLifecycle can help with a complete review of your CAPEX and OPEX assets, finance and redemption penalties, to identify the optimal time for you to trade in against new equipment. Opex / Capex Review - IT asset depreciation curve

Benefits Of Capex / Opex Review

  • Receive a full asset register
  • Determine the value of your existing equipment
  • Gain a full understanding of the depreciation curve of your assets
  • Obtain a clear picture of all your assets and associated finance
  • Identify the best to time trade in your equipment
  • Make an informed decision on extending the life of your existing assets vs investing in new equipment

Working with HardwareLifecycle

With our combination of site survey and documented information, we can quickly compile a detailed asset register so we have a complete picture of our customer’s estate.

Site Survey

Our engineers will conduct a full survey of your site and all your equipment as well as any relevant documentation.

Asset Grading
Asset Register Creation
Depreciation Advice

Why HardwareLifecycle?

  • ISO security & quality certified
  • Full documentation
  • Industry best practices

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