Improving the network through asset review An online gaming company needed to refresh their infrastructure, held at a remote colocation data centre and relocate it to a new facility in another country.

The Problem

A strategic business decision led an online gaming company to move their operations from one colocation data centre to a new facility in another country. With five racks of equipment, of varying age and condition, the company decided this was an ideal time to review their asset inventory so looked to HardwareLifecycle for help.

Key Project Objectives

  • De-installation of equipment in existing location
  • Physical transportation of kit
  • Full asset review
  • Reinstallation of equipment in new location
  • Decommissioning of EOS equipment
  • Destruction of redundant equipment in accordance with WEEE guidelines and security policies

The Solution

With a team of expert engineers and a global logistics operation on hand, HardwareLifecycle were able to easily decommission the company’s equipment in their existing colocation facility and package it up ready for transportation.

With a full asset review required as part of the solution, the equipment was first shipped to HardwareLifecycle’s operation centre in Swindon, UK. With the necessary testing equipment on hand, all equipment was assessed for age, condition, performance and value, with a full asset register produced to give the company complete transparency of their inventory.

With the company’s approval, some pieces of kit were refurbished to bring them back to original manufacture standards, thus extending their operational life expectancy. Other, non-recoverable items were left with HardwareLifecycle to securely wipe and dispose of according to official WEEE guidelines.

The remaining operational equipment was then shipped on to the company’s new premises where our engineers were waiting to reinstall it on-site, thus completing the move and guaranteeing a healthy and high-performing inventory of assets for the company.

Solution Summary

  • De-installation and transportation of equipment from existing location
  • Audit of customer equipment and market valuation
  • Refurbishment of older kit
  • Disposal of irrecoverable kit to WEEE standards
  • Reinstallation of equipment in new premises


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