Investing in new IT equipment should be a positive step forwards but network decommissioning and disposal of redundant equipment can add a difficult step to the process.

The implications of security lapses in the decommissioning process are severe. Items of networking kit bought second-hand have been known to grant unauthorised access to all kinds of confidential information because they have not been properly wiped.

Our HardwareLifecycle engineers can decommission equipment, including full data destruction, at your site and arrange shipping to your designated location, or to our warehouse for assessment. Furthermore, we can seamlessly time the installation of new equipment with the removal of old systems in order to minimise down time.

Benefits Of Network Decommissioning

  • One supplier for installation and network decommissioning
  • Asset tag removal and factory default restoration
  • Security for sensitive data
  • Full traceability and Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Equipment removed directly from your locations
  • Equipment transported to your chosen destination or to our warehouse
  • Minimise business disruption
  • Receive money for reusable equipment through our buyback service
  • Recycling and environmental disposal options available

Working With HardwareLifecycle

Hard Drive Destruction

We offer fully certified, CESG approved data and hard drive destruction services using a number of advanced techniques, dependent on the sensitivity of the data in question. Services include on-site hard drive destruction, de-installation and data wiping. Full traceability and a Certificate of Data Destruction will also be provided for each collection to guarantee that all relevant compliance has been adhered to.

Buy Back
WEEE Disposal

Why HardwareLifecycle?

  • ISO security and quality certified
  • Fully compliant with WEEE guidelines
  • CESG certified data destruction
  • Data wiping to DOD and VSITR standards

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