IT Equipment repairThere are a huge number of potential repair partners out there but it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad in terms of reliability, quality and speed of service. Follow our quick guide to find out what you should be looking for in a dependable partner:


The facilities a repair partner has at their disposal say a lot about their capabilities, commitment and expertise in the area they work. Do they have the capabilities and equipment to repair your kit to a high standard?

Another area to look out for is the testing equipment a partner has available. So they have the appropriate level of manufacturer-grade testing equipment to give you the reassurance your equipment is fault free and repaired to full OEM specifications?

Finally, are all the relevant safety precautions in place? Does the company follow industry best practices and meet all compliance guidelines for health, safety and quality?


It is important that the engineers who will be repairing your kit have prior experience with similar equipment, both in type and manufacturer.

Many partners will offer mainstream repair services but if your equipment is of a more specialist nature, you need to be sure your chosen partner has the experience to handle this.


How available is your chosen partner to respond should a piece of equipment fail? And how quickly can they repair and return your equipment to you? Some partners will offer repair contracts which offer guaranteed SLAs in the event of an emergency. This speeds up the process if, and when, a critical piece of kit fails.


A reliable repair partner should be able to provide a Declaration of Compliance along with any relevant test reports following the repair of your equipment. This gives you the reassurance that your kit is safe and fault free.

Strong warranty offerings are also a good indicator of the quality of work carried out.


Does your chosen repair partner have the logistics capabilities to support their service? Can they collect equipment from your premises and return it to you within reliable timescales? How wide is their reach if you have multiple offices that need supporting? Do they provide adequate protection for your equipment while in transit?

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