HWLIFE_ReverseLogistics (2)Have a read of this blog from HardwareServices for tips on managing the logistics of your asset lifecycle. Finding the right partner can help you remove the pain of managing operations, reduce storage costs and improve your inventory management. Reverse logistics can also cover data security, equipment decommissioning and recycling.

Read the full article to find out more: Reverse Logistics: managing the asset lifecycle.


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About HardwareLifecycle

HardwareLifecycle (a division of Hardware Group) ensures complete support throughout the full lifecycle of your IT assets, helping you balance your evolving technological requirements with your available resources. ISO security and quality certified, with extensive repair and refurbishment facilities, third-party support, buy-back, decommissioning and disposal services and a team of highly skilled engineers, we are able to address the financial, logistical and environmental challenges of your IT asset lifecycle with ease. For more information, please visit www.hardwarelifecycle.com.