Ensure minimal downtime in the event of equipment failure, without the costs and operational challenges of managing your own storage, through the use of our spares management service.

We can stock your spares, according to your planned spares inventory, in one of our 1,800 storage locations around the world. Our global logistics capabilities then enable us to ship from our warehouse locations to your chosen premises, in as little as 4 hours, giving you the reassurance that your critical infrastructure will be operational within a very short time frame.

Any faulty equipment can then be returned to us for repair, after which it will be added back into your spares pile for storage and re-shipment when required at a later date.

Benefits Of Spares Management

  • Reduce inventory and storage costs
  • Minimise system downtime
  • Stock spares worldwide for all global premises
  • Delivery in as little as 4 hours with our reliable global logistics service
  • Repair of faulty equipment for future spares

Working with HardwareLifecycle

Spares Schedule

We will work with you to define the schedule of spares you require.

Importer of records / exporter of records

Why HardwareLifecycle?

Spares storage facilities globally (1800)
  • Fully compliant with all governance legislation
  • Multi-carrier distribution network
  • ISO security & quality certified

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